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とりあえず過去にビルドした OS/2 関係のツールなど。




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HT Editor
LHa for UNIX
GNU libiconv with ja-1 patch
GNU libidn
nkf - Network Kanji Filter
OpenSSL toolkit for OS/2 (OS2-EMX, OS2-KNIX)
Opus Codec
QEMU for OS/2
SDL for klibc

other utilities.

Arora - lightweight web browser with Qt and WebKit

official : http://code.google.com/p/arora/
screenshot : *

System requirement


version 0.11.0 : arora-0.11.0-os2test-20101023.zip

QtNetwork (QNet4.dll) private security fix for Qt 4.6.3 : qt-4.6.3-os2-qnet4dll-20110403.zip
QtWebKit & QtNetwork update for Qt 4.6.3 (experimental) : qtwebkit-qt472-os2-20110307.zip (approx. 12Mbytes)

Qt 4.6.2 private runtime (with SSL support and some fixes) : qt-4.6.2-os2-runtime-private-20101022.zip (approx. 33Mbytes)

OLDER version:
version 0.10.2 (based on snapshot 2010-07-19) : arora-0.10.2-301487d-os2test-20100815.zip
version 0.10.2 (based on snapshot 2010-07-14) : arora-0.10.2-234e212-os2test-20100717.zip
version 0.10.2 (based on snapshot 2010-05-24) : arora-0.10.2-bac8748-os2test-20100617.zip
version 0.10.2 (based on official release) : arora-0.10.2-os2test-20100610.zip

DOSBox (private build)

DOSBox official : http://www.dosbox.com/
DOSBox/2 official port (by Jochen Schäfer) - http://www.joschs-robotics.de/dosbox/

System requirement

  • OS/2 V4 with FP5+
  • Pentium or above
  • TCPIP for OS/2 (TCPIPv4 compliant)
  • libc 0.6.3


    version 0.73 svn-r3571 (built with gcc 4.4.4) : dosbox-0.73-r3571-os2-mybuild-tcpipv4-20100527.zip

    OLDER version: -> on OneDrive

    flake: faster FLAC compatible encoder

    official : http://flake-enc.sourceforge.net/
    original FLAC official : http://flac.sourceforge.net/

    System requirement

    0.11 (flake executable, libraries and patch) : flake-0.11-os2-20081204.zip

    Git (experimental testbuild)

    official : http://git-scm.com/

    System requirement

    Download testbuild (new) : git- testbuild : git- testbuild : git-

    OLDER version: -> on OneDrive

    HT Editor (unofficial and experimental) OS/2 port

    HT official site : http://hte.sourceforge.net/

    System requirement

    Important Notice : HT can't analyze any kind of OS/2 executable (NE, LX). May hope other guys' hack...


    2.0.10 (patched source and executable) : ht-2.0.10-os2experimental-20071206.zip

    LHa for UNIX

    LHa for UNIX : http://lha.sourceforge.jp/
    LHa for UNIX older OS/2 port : http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA009797/warp/port.html
    LHa for OS/2 official version (with EA support) : http://www.straycats.org/

    System requirement


    1.14i-ac20070909 (including DOS/OS2 executables) : lha-1.14i-ac20070909-djos2-20071123.zip
    1.14i-ac20050924p1 (including DOS/OS2 executables) : lha-1.14i-ac20050924p1-djos2.zip

    GNU libiconv with ja-1 patch

    GNU libiconv : http://www.gnu.org/software/libiconv/
    libiconv 1.13 ja-1 patch : http://www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~msyk/software/libiconv-1.13-ja-patch.html

    System requirement


    libiconv 1.13.1 with ja-1 patch :
    EMX version : iconv-1.13.1-ja-1-os2emx-20100125.zip
    kLIBC version : iconv-1.13.1-ja-1-os2klibc-20100125.zip
    readme : readme.iconv-1.13.1-ja-1-os2.txt

    OLDER version: -> on OneDrive

    GNU libidn

    GNU libidn : http://www.gnu.org/software/libidn/
    Wikipedia : Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)
    Convert Japanese Domain Name from/to Punycode : http://punycode.jp/


    libidn 1.15 : libidn-1.15-os2-20090622.zip
    libidn 0.6.14 (the latest GPLv2-compatible version) : libidn-0.6.14-os2klibc-20100120.zip

    OLDER version: -> on OneDrive

    nkf : Network Kanji Filter

    official site : http://sourceforge.jp/projects/nkf/


    2.1.1 : nkf-2.1.1-os2.zip

    OLDER version:
    2.0.9 : nkf209-os2.zip
    2.0.8 : nkf208-20081107-os2.zip
    2.0.7 : nkf207-os2.zip

    OpenSSL "experimental" toolkit for os2-emx (another port), os2-knix

    OpenSSL Project : http://www.openssl.org/
    Officially port? : 0.9.7a on Hobbes (openssl-0.9.7a-os2-bin.zip)

    for OS2-EMX

    for OS2-KNIX

    Note: You need zlib when using static libraries.


    0.9.8zh OS2-EMX (for genuine EMX) : openssl-0.9.8zh-os2emx-20151207.zip
    0.9.8zh OS2-KNIX runtime EXE/DLLs (for kLIBC 0.6.3 or later) : openssl-0.9.8zh-os2knix-20151207-runtime.zip
    0.9.8zh OS2-KNIX development headers/libs (for kLIBC 0.6.3 or later) : openssl-0.9.8zh-os2knix-20151207-dev.zip

    1.0.0t OS2-EMX (for genuine EMX) : openssl-1.0.0t-os2emx-20151204.zip
    1.0.0t OS2-KNIX runtime : openssl-1.0.0t-os2knix-20151204-runtime.zip
    1.0.0t OS2-KNIX development headers/libs : openssl-1.0.0t-os2knix-20151204-dev.zip

    OLDER version : -> on OneDrive

    Opus Codec

    official : http://opus-codec.org/


    precompiled library (for libc06*) and tools : opus-1.0.1-os2-20121020.zip

    QEMU for OS/2

    QEMU official : http://www.nongnu.org/qemu/
    This port is work-in-progress and very experimental to use.


    0.11.0 (patch and executables) : qemu-0.11.0-os2-20091002-tmp.zip

    OLDER version: -> on OneDrive

    Qwit - Qt4-based Twitter client

    project home: http://code.google.com/p/qwit/

    System Requirement


    1.1-pre2 (for Qt 4.6.2 GA) : qwit-1.1-pre2-os2-20101002.zip

    OLDER version: -> on OneDrive

    headers, library and patch
    qca-2.0.2-os2-20120628.zip (for Qt 4.7.3)

    Ruby for OS/2 "private" (very experimental) build

    Official site: http://www.ruby-lang.org/
    Official port for OS2-EMX: search on hobbes with "ruby" (or browse /pub/os2/dev/misc).

    System Requirement


    1.8.6 p383 OMF build (binary&patch): ruby-1.8.6-p383-os2emx-omf-20091015.zip
    1.8.6 p111 patch only : ruby-1.8.6-p111-os2emx-diff-20071219.zip
    1.8.6 p0 (binary&patch): ruby-1.8.6test-os2emx-20070419.zip
    1.8.6 p0 build with gcc 3.3.5 (very experimental): ruby-1.8.6test-innotek-20070423.zip

    OLDER version:


    True Audio Codec Software : http://www.true-audio.com/
    tta plugin for PM123 (by SofiyaCat) : (ttaplay.tar.gz)


    rel 3.3 2006-08-06 build : ttaenc-3.3-nowcs-20060806.zip

    OLDER version:
    rel 3.3 2005-08-19 build : ttaenc-3.3-nowcs-20050819.zip

    ZLIB for OS/2 (EMX compliant)

    zlib home page : http://www.zlib.net/


    zlib 1.2.3 2005-11-02 build : zlib-1.2.3-emx-20051102.zip
    readme : readme.zlib-1.2.3-emx.txt
    (some scripts for building manually) : zlib-1.2.3-emx-dbs-20051102.zip

    Download (Another build)

    zlib 1.2.3 static libraries (emx, gcc322, gcc335, gcc432 and OpenWatcom 1.7) : zlib-1.2.3-os2-static-20090114.zip

    Other Utilities (private builts)

    and something...

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